What is Dallas Percussion?

Dallas Percussion is the second store of Denver Percussion LLC which is based in Denver, Colorado. Denver Percussion was founded in 2005 to supply professional percussion instruments to music organizations in Colorado. Since then, instruments have been rented to orchestras and other music groups in California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. In 2018, the company expanded to full retail in all drums and percussion. Learn More!

Are we related to a former percussion shop that was located in Dallas Texas?

No! We are not related to a former percusison shop that was located in Dallas. We are actually a second shop of Denver Percussion. Dallas Percusion is 100% owned by Denver Percussion LLC.

How do refunds work at Dallas Percussion?
We will accept returns if the product is returned within 30 days of it arriving. If the product is not returned in its original packaging, we may charge a 20% or higher restocking fee. We will also charge a 30% cleaning fee for instruments that require sanitization/cleaning before reselling. Some unreturnable items include gift cards, used equipment, downloadable software, reeds, and strings. If you have returned a product but still haven't seen a refund after 10 business days, please contact us at info@dallaspercussion.com To learn more about our refund policies, click here.